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Aren't You Tired?

Tired of saying, "I can't afford it!" (FUCK! Again!)

Tired of missing out on opportunities?

Tired of debt?

Tired of wanting more money?

Tired of struggling with your finances?

Tired of not making enough money to live your life the way you want to live it? 

Tired of worrying that your money sitch will never change? 

Well, Picture This...

Your wildest dreams coming true! 

Imagine that stunning home you've always wanted…

Taking care of your loved ones without a worry in the world…

Contributing to causes that are
important to you...

Exploring the globe discovering one amazing adventure after another…

 Sounds fantastic, right?

So, what's holding you back from this incredible life? 

More often than not, it's the money…

While you're covering the essentials, paying the bills, and keeping up with everyday life... 

It's really only enough to support
your current lifestyle…

And deep down… you know there's more to life than just getting by…

You crave that dream life filled with adventure, fun, quality time with friends and family, and the chance to make a real impact in the world. 

You want to live life on your terms!!

You might think that to achieve your dreams you need to work harder, ask for a raise, get a new job, take on extra shifts, or start a side hustle.


HERE’S THE HARD TRUTH:  Hard Work is Not Enough to Achieve Financial Freedom!

In fact, working harder can often lead to burnout, stress, and a never-ending cycle of trying to make ends meet…

HERE'S THE SECRET: If you want to achieve financial freedom, and live your dream life you need to shift your mindset about money.

Consider money as something you can attract into your life instead of something you have to earn and struggle to attain.


And that's where the Money Mindset
Mastery Course

comes in!

It's time to stop working harder and start working smarter about your finances.

Here's what you can achieve with the course:

  • Say goodbye to those pesky money blocks that have been holding you back!

  • Bid farewell to the belief that "I'll never be able to live the life I truly desire."

  • Say goodbye to concerns like "How can I afford those extra experiences and adventures I've been dreaming of?"

  • Sleep peacefully at night, knowing you're on track to achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

  • Finally break free from the cycle of "I can never get ahead financially," no matter how hard you work.

Imagine this: 

You're sitting at your kitchen table dreaming of the trips you'd like to take, or the renovations you'd like to make, or all of the other things you currently can't afford. 

You're disappointed, and even a little doubtful, feeling like you'll never get to the place financially where you can live life the way you want to.

This was me, not too long ago!

My relationship with money was complicated and stressful. I NEVER seemed to have enough of it to do what I really wanted to do… 

I was in and out of debt, never having a consistent income, and feeling like I was stuck in a never-ending cycle of financial struggle. 

But then, I realized that it wasn't my efforts that were holding me back it was the way I thought about money that was holding me back.

So, after a LOT of research and reflection, I started to work on my money mindset, breaking down those limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for so long. 

Slowly but surely, my finances began to transform. And before I knew it, I was on my way to financial freedom.

Now, I’ve taken my years of hard-learned lessons and put them together into this course so that you can begin living your best life, TODAY!

It's time to take control of your finances, Ladies!

Here's What You Can Expect from the
Money Mindset Mastery Course:

  • Get ready to watch 7 video training modules (18 lessons) that will transform the way you think about money.
  • Each module comes with fun and engaging homework assignments to help you apply what you've learned and make real progress towards your financial goals.
  • You'll have access to all the support resources you need to reinforce your learning and stay on track.
  • Plus, get ready for some serious fun with our Money Mindset Challenges for each module. These challenges will put your new skills to the test and help you level up your financial game.

Here's What's Inside Each Module:

Module 1 - The Courage to Be Rich
In this module you're going to answer the question of whether or not you have the courage to be rich, what it means to be rich, and why it takes courage to be rich.

Module 2 - Your Relationship with Money
In this module you are not only going to be taking a look at what type of relationship you have with money, but also why it is the way it is.

Module 3 - Your Money Mindset
In this module you're going to be unearthing what you learned about money in your past that is no loner serving you in your desire to be rich.

Module 4 - Scarcity vs. Abundance
In this module you will look at whether or not you have a scarcity or abundant mindset and all the different ways in which that mindset is showing up in your life.

Module 5 - Your Money Behavior & Habits
In this module you are going to look at the behaviors that are keeping you struggling financially and learn the habits to create the financial future you desire.

Module 6 - Expanding Your Capacity
In this module you will learn about capacity, how it shapes your financial circumstances, and how to begin expanding your capacity to you can receive more money.

Module 7 - Your Money Reality
In this module you are going to look at the money reality you are creating for yourself and how that reality can be influenced by external forces.


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Money Mindset Mastery Course!
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"Coach Kathy joined my path during the biggest and scariest transition in my life. I had burned the boats on all forms of security, and desperately needed support, mentorship and a good swift “it will be hard but you can do this” kick in the pants. Given her brilliant delivery I was able to quickly shift my poverty mindset - that plagued all areas of my life - to one of abundance. She helped me see that rebuilding my life was going to be slow and steady to be successful.  I started working with her and in just 7 months later, I have doubled my business (not kidding) in large part due to the mind shifts I have made which she was there to both teach and then support."

~ Jennifer, CEO, The Gardella Group (Doylestown, PA)

"I've been on a growth journey for years...constantly following 'experts' and reading books - trying to get to the place my soul wants and just spinning my wheels. THEN I FOUND COACH KATHY! In just a few months, I've started an IRA, started paying attention to my finances, dropped the dead weight in my life, tripled my business, invested in myself, and stayed on an upward trajectory in my personal growth. I'm now also on track to purchase a commercial lcoation for my business. She is so inspiring and passionate. I am so thankful I clicked on her Facebook Group, and so glad I enrolled in the Money Mindset Mastery course LIFE. CHANGING."

~ Danielle, Owner, Hickory Street Catering
(Powell, WY)

"Working with Coach Kathy has changed me, my business, and my financial mindset for the better. Kathy is a no nonsense, give it to you straight, no chaser, coach with heart. Anything she tells you is for your betterment. She has helped me realize some deep-seeded habits that I have and because of her I no longer go down the "rabbit hole" (or if I do start to go down the rabbit hole I am aware and I have the tools to get myself back on track). And before working with Coach Kathy I had no idea what I was doing or why. Working with her has made me feel confident that I will be a top notch Realtor. I have burned the f-ing boats!!!."

~ Bobbie, Realtor
(Fredericksburg, VA)

Let's slay those money blocks and create a life of
NEXT-LEVEL financial success together!

Remember, the only limit is the one you set for yourself. 


Money is one of your more complicated relationships. One minute you're in love, the next you're at odds. But it does't have to be. This is a great opportunity to experience a financial transformation and learn the right strategies to get you on the path to financial freedom. So, take advantage of this opportunity and enroll in the Money Mindset Mastery Course TODAY. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Let's go get that MONEY!