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Why You Should Join?

Women leaders are facing a crisis. Discontent, burnout, and frustration over inequitable opportunities and increasing workloads (at and away from work) are permeating the workplace. And the "Leadership Hustle" is causing women leaders to leave the workplace - or consider leaving the workplace - at higher numbers than ever before. However, should leaving the workplace be the only solution to address the issues women leaders are facing?

If this is your experience, then it's time to have the conversations you want and NEED to have, but haven't found the space. The conversations that will heal your soul and allow you to bring your whole self, and your best self, to your work and to your life.

This coaching experience will introduce the topic of "meaning" and how Meaningful Leadership can help you tap into your innate strengths so you can lead and live more authentically, at and away from work.


"After working with Coach Kathy even for a few months, I notice a drastic difference. I am more confident in myself (personally and professionally), and my goals for my work, myself, and my family. I feel more confident and stronger in the decisions I make. I spend MUCH less time and energy overthinking, over-analyzing and second -guessing myself and my decisions. It’s freeing. It’s energizing. It’s amazing. I show up differently for myself. I show up differently for my family.
And I show up differently in my business!"

Kristen Ireland
People Spark Consulting

The Leading with Meaning Coaching Cohort experience happens twice a year, in March & September, and goes for 4 months with two coaching sessions per month.

Each month you will discuss a specific topic related to living and leading with meaning in a coaching format, and the second session will be a Q&A format to go even deeper into the topic.

If you're interested, click the button and you will receive a flyer with a more in-depth information on the dates and specific topics.

What You Get:

  • Twice monthly group coaching calls with Coach Kathy (recorded if you can't attend live)...
  • A members-only group for support & accountability...
  • An accountability partner for check-ins...
  • A virtual pre-cohort kick-off...
  • Access to the 'Pivot Master Plan' Coaching Course...
  • Voxer access for accountability and check-ins...
  • A life-changing experience!

"I have seen Coach Kathy Wilson present while serving in two separate organizations and watched her identify barriers to inclusion, pinpoint areas of opportunity for development as an organization, and was so inspired that I have also tapped into her talent for strengthening my power and presence as an individual leader. Working with her as a department and then as an individual has made all of us better, more effective, and more collaborative in our everyday work!"

Karlyn Lothery
Senior Director,
Sales Communications

"[Kathy’s] mix of business, achievement, and life experience make her the perfect person to see people through to the other side when they are feeling most STUCK. Her particular focus on women makes everything feel super relevant as she clearly understands the journey that many of us have taken, and want to take."

Deb Cullerton
Priority Management & Associates, Philadelphia

What Happens Next?

1. Mark your calendar! Kathy will hold 2 LIVE 30-minute Q&A calls to talk more about the cohort and answer any questions you have!

For the September 2024 cohort, calls will take place on Zoom, and will be held on:

  • Monday August 12th, 2024 @ 1:00 PM EST
  • Monday August 26th, 2024 @ 1:00 PM EST

2. Want to ask your questions directly? You can also sign up below for a 20-minute 1:1 call.

Be aware, this is NOT a sales call. This call is STRICTLY so you can ask questions about the cohort and decide whether or not it is a good fit for you. Come with questions!

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"I worked with Coach Kathy at a critical time in my career as new systems leader in a large educational organization and when my organization was under significant reorganization and change. Coach Kathy provided me with effective and consistent executive coaching that not only allowed me to survive the challenges associated with reorganization and change but her coaching allowed me to thrive. She provided targeted feedback on my leadership and helped me to process and strategize barriers that could have potentially negatively impacted my career trajectory. Coach Kathy, taught me how to recognize and leverage my internal strengths to navigate system change and also focus on my blind spots. With Coach Kathy by my side, I felt that there was no challenge that I did not have the ability to overcome. I learned a lot about myself on my journey with Coach Kathy that allowed me to be an influential and inspirational leader in my organization and it led to many doors of opportunity being opened for me. Most of all Coach Cathy is a truth teller; she always gave me multiple perspectives on the situations and she held me accountable to things that I had control over, which was myself."

Dr. Nyshawana Francis-Thompson
Chief of Curriculum & Instruction
The School District of Philadelphia

If you know there is more to life than "the hustle", and you're ready to level-up your leadership AND your life, and explore what's on the other side...

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Leading With Meaning Coaching Cohort opens!