So, you want to make a PIVOT?

Are you ready to ditch the HUSTLE for a life of more MEANING, purpose, fulfillment, and JOY!

Your enrollment in the Pivot Master Plan means you are FINALLY ready

to create that next amazing version of your business, your career... your LIFE!



Do Any of These Sound Like You?


  • You feel unsettled in your life, as though something about it no longer fits...
  • You don't feel like you're showing up as your true (and best) self, and you may not even be sure who that really is anymore...
  • You feel like there is so much more you want to do, have, experience, achieve, and contribute to life, but you're not in a place to make it happen, financially or otherwise...
  • You feel busy all the time, but don't feel as though your life is getting closer to how you really want to live your life - or the life you want to have...
  • You know you want to something different for yourself and your life, but you feel overwhelmed at just the thought of making a change - and you have no idea where to start...


  • Living the life that YOU want to live and not one that feels like it's constantly being dictated by other forces
  • Never having to sacrifice what's most important to you and your family.
  • Letting go of the hustle and stress around the busyness of life in order to focus on what's meaningful
  • Having the financial freedom to live your life the way you want to live it (no more "I can't afford it.").
  • Not fearing or being overwhelmed by the process of pivoting.


And also having coaching support and a community of like-journeyed women to create your pivot with so you don't have to do it alone!


Stop and read this before going any further...

"In just 7 short months, I started paying attention to my finances, dropped the dead weight in my life, tripled my business, invested in myself, and stayed on an upward trajectory in my personal growth. I am so grateful I joined the Pivot Master Plan program! LIFE. CHANGING."

- Danielle
Owner Hickory Street Catering

"This was hands down the best investment I could have made for myself.  I shut down one business, and opened another business during COVID. I have dramatically increased my revenue and income, decreased my anxiety and stress, all while having way more time for my family."

- Alessia,
Owner, High-Q Neuro

Ready to Step Into that Next Amazing Chapter?

CHECK OUT THE: Pivot Master Plan

A program for women who want to have a step-by-step pivot plan, and live, personalized coaching and support to help guide them to and through their next amazing chapter.

The Pivot Master Plan is broken down into TWO PARTS...

Part 1: Self-Study Course
The 7-module course portion of the program will walk you step-by-step through creating your comprehensive Pivot (life) Plan. The modules include:

  • Pre-recorded video lessons,
  • Workbooks, as well as audio and PDF downloads for each lesson,
  • Bonus articles, exercises and resources to support your learning, and more...

Part 2: Community
Engage online with an exclusive, members-only community of like-minded (and like-journeyed) women and get support between coaching calls.

When you enroll, you also get a few game-changing bonuses:

💥 Bonus #1: Digital Copy of the Ultimate Life-Planning Workbook

Never worry about keeping your progress after you finish the program with this workbook. The ULPW is the ultimate graduate resource to keep you on track!

💥 Bonus #2: Destroy Your Distractions

A powerful 3-step process to help you destroy the distractions that hold you back instead of being a slave to them!


💥 Bonus #3: Design Your Future Vision Board Activity

Have fun with this creative activity by imagining all the possibilities that your next level life has to offer!


"[Kathy’s] authentic leadership will give you the confidence to go farther than you ever imagined you could. I’ve never seen any other coach blend powerful strategies with warmth & empathy as beautifully as Kathy does, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with her."

- Amanda
Owner, Amanda Buse, LLC

"[Kathy’s] mix of business, achievement, and life experience make her the perfect person to see people through to the other side when they are feeling most STUCK. Her particular focus on women makes everything feel super relevant as she clearly understands the journey that many of us have taken, and want to take.” 

- Deb Cullerton
Co-Owner Priority Management & Associates, Philadelphia

What you need to know about the
Pivot Master Plan
is that, at it's core, it is a "whole you" coaching program.

Yes, you run a business, or you have ascended in your career. But you are also
YOU - a woman with dreams and goals, thoughts and desires that change
over the years. Yet, those things can seem to fall outside of the perceived boundaries of discussion when it comes to your business, career, family or friendships. The magic in this program is that you can bring all of the
REAL you to the table, and be coached to
create a pivot that is aligned with
ALL of you who truly are.

"After working with Coach Kathy even for a few months, I notice a drastic difference. I am more confident in myself (personally and professionally), and my goals for my work, myself, and my family. I feel more confident and stronger in the decisions I make. I spend MUCH less time and energy overthinking, overanalyzing and second guessing myself and my decisions. It’s freeing. It’s energizing. It’s amazing. I show up differently for myself. I show up differently for my family. And I show up differently in my business!"

- Kristen Ireland
Co-Owner, People Spark Consulting